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UNO Magazine Health Q&A 2016

UNO Magazine // Health Q&A 2016.
Q&A about sleep disordered breathing (SDB) and how to recognise it in children.
"Ear nose and throat surgeon, Brandon Hitchcock answers your questions on sleep-disordered breathing ... Adenoids and Tonsils surgery is performed in most cases to cure SDB."
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UNO Lifestyle Magazine Summer 2016 - Otoplasty

UNO Lifestyle Magazine // Summer 2015/2016.
Otoplasty advert in the UNO summer 2015/2016 edition features Otoplasty surgical procedures and our change of location to Brown Street Tauranga. Otoplasty Procedures are ideally performed in childhood before prominent ears become an issue.

Beautiful You - Neck Lift review

UNO Lifestyle Magazine // Health. Rhinoplasty
The best candidates for a rhinoplasty are those who have realistic expectations of what is achievable. Surgery undertaken upon your nose will depend on an assessment of your nasal symptoms and anatomical features. This requires an extensive knowledge of the effect of the physiology and anatomy of your nose to produce a desirable outcome in both cosmetic and functional terms...

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UNO Lifestyle Magazine - Rhinoplasty review

UNO Lifestyle Magazine // Rhinoplasty
This is an operation to correct cosmetic features and if indicated, the function of your nose. A rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult cosmetic procedures to undertake and requires an understanding of the function and anatomy of the nose. Amongst the many features of the nose to address are the septum (middle strut), the dorsum (or top) as well as the shape of the tip of the nose...

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