Fat Rejuvenation

 Cosmetic Procedure

Fat transfer cosmetic procedure

Fat transfer is a process whereby fat cells are removed from one area of the body and placed in another area where there is a loss of volume. This is one of the three major effects of ageing in addition to the effects of the sun damage and gravity. The loss of subcutaneous fat contributes to the wrinkling and sagging of our skins. Fat transfer can permanently restore this volume.

The procedure

This process is generally undertaken under local anaesthetic in a special form called a tumescent solution which is injected around the fat cells that are then harvested. After painless removal from the body using specialised blunt needles, fat cells are then allowed to settle out from their surrounding fluid or separated from the fluid using a centrifuge. The cells are then re-injected into areas where the fat has been lost. Most of the newly injected cells achieve their own blood supply and survive permanently.

Post procedure

Some swelling and bruising can be noted for 7-10 days. Frequently, fat transfer is undertaken along with other procedures such as facelifting to address two of the major factors of ageing (gravity effects and loss of volume) so the initial bruising occurs with that of the facelifting. Generally, swelling is evident for some weeks following the procedure. The result at three months is a reasonably accurate estimation of the final outcome.

The Long Term Outcome

There are several advantages to fat transfer. The first is that one’s own natural body product is utilised and inherently, this is more attractive than injecting other foreign bodies such as fillers, silicon and suchlike. Secondly, placed accurately enough, the fat cells can establish their own blood supply and thereby becomes a permanent filler in a high proportion of instances. Generally speaking, there is a little overfilling as some of the fat cells are likely to die off. If slightly less than the ideal result is obtained, a further fat transfer can be undertaken at around nine months following the initial procedure.

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