Facelift surgery - Facial Plastic Surgeon Tauranga.

A minimal incision face lift is a permanent procedure that deals with those features of ageing and gravity to the lower face and neck. The procedure deals extremely well with those changes in the neck and the jowls especially, but can also elevate the cheeks improving the appearance of the eyes and reducing the appearance of ageing of the skin.

The Consultation

Facelift surgery is ideally suited to reverse those changes brought about from the effects of gravity in those aged from their 40's to 70's. At your initial consultation a full facial assessment and medical history will be taken. It is an opportunity to discuss issues that concern you and to discuss your specific requirements. It is also important to review photographs of potential candidates in their youth to establish what those youthful features were, rather than trying to obtain some aesthetic and not personalized ideal.

The procedure

The tissue underneath the skin is tightened using a permanent suture technique, this procedure is designed to elevate the facial features in a vertical direction which looks natural, rather than in a backwards direction which would result in the “wind-tunnel” effect. This procedure eliminates the sagging that occurs on the side of the jaw (the jowls) and the upper neck area. An extension of this operation can also be used to elevate the cheek. Usually a small amount of skin is excised from the sideburn area further facilitating a vertical pulling action. ┬áThe procedure can be undertaken under local anaesthetic, intravenous sedation or general anaesthetic depending on you wishes and tolerances.

Post procedure

A wrap-around bandage is worn for the first 24 hours with two small drains in place which are removed the next day and replaced with a supportive facial garment.  Postoperatively, discomfort has largely settled by 3 days following surgery and much of the bruising and swelling has settled within 10 days, and by then an almost imperceptible scar is faintly visible around the ears.

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